Lyocell is also known as Tencel witch is a regenerated fiber, produced by wood chips from fastgrowing trees. The wood chips is decomposed by a biological chemical. This is a closed process and 99% of the chemical is reused.Thanks to this technology, Tencel won the "European Award for the Enviroment" by the EU. After decomposition, a viscous cellulose mass is obtained. This pulp is pressed through spinning nozzles that form long fibers. The fibers are spun into yarn and depending on the application, the yarn is woven or knitted on to a textile item.


The process of breaking down the chips into cellulose pulp is circular and thanks to pressing the pulp through the spinning nozzle you can get infinitely long fibers that give the textile product high quality.

Lyocell can be likened to cotton and when compared to the production processes, Lyocell has minimal negative impact on the environment. The tree species grows rapidly and does not need as much water or pesticides as cotton.

Lyocell has a silky and cooling feeling against the body, excellent moisture absorption and the feeling of breathing. The fiber can be extracted indefinitely long wich gives a very durable product and together with the high absoption, the comfort is increased.